Sunday, December 9, 2007

hooked up with shrek. well actually went a little further with him but i didnt sleep with him dont worry. Omg i dont know what to think. ok heres how it went. on saturday we went to the muttaburra races and they were ok not many there. So then we headed all the way down to stonehenge for a rodeo it was fun. We hung out with the boys (it was a bit weird between us but fine still dont forgive him but one problem i still think hes hot and i dont want to), anyway once the bar closed we all went and sat around a bon fire and talked for ages it was awesome soo fun just chilling and talking. then someone comes up to me and asks me if i want to invest in the bar! and im like i might as well ay! so thats what im doing now and i cannot believe it. it will be the most interesting time of my life.

(well leroy was in one of his moods you know were hes sort of cranky and doesnt talk much so he went to bed after like 1/2 hour (p.s really dont like him in that way anymore im over him this time for real) anyway eventually i went to bed (it was like the sheep show everyone was just sleeping in swags all over the paddock but better cause we had a fire) anyway allison and will have been getting close but only like hook up close not boyfriend girlfriend close anyway they hooked up which i dont care at all me and will are friends actually i dont know if i told you this but we are actually really good friends and its just friends its good. anyway so they were in a swag and i was in my swag and then sammy comes over and starts bashing me up and rolls his swag out next to mine and yeah i dont know it just happened. tell me is this good or bad. I just dont want it to make it weird between us. oh god. Then im thinking its done now like it was something that just had to be done to get it over with if you know what i mean.

i hate this stupid friend of mine. im sorry but the mroe i spend or see her at schoool the more negative and rude vibes i get off her.. like shes actually really annoying and attention seeking or something.. like, she likes to act like she doesnt care about things and stuff but shes actually just being rude.. eg. in geo today, she was cleaning out her folder and scrunched up her papers and threw it on the ground.. ??

so yeah, and like the gang have changed. they thought shell and i were female dogging them in bct. i wasnt even. like shell was a bit, like you know how she says things about them and what other people say and then bla bla bla... so yeah they came into my room and theyre like can we talk to you and im like ive got nothing to do with this, i didnt say that.. alli said was... and that im not sayng any names and so they'relike your pathetic bla bla i duno why you get involved it got nothing to do with you, youre a hypocrite and they just stick to themselves. dont set a good example as a senior at all.. they go sitting at each others tables in dinner and leaving their table.. like im just pleaseeeeee dont you make all the seniors look bad. so yeah.. this is all summed up im not oging to be indetailcoz im tired and im sure you probably dont understand, but just try to and bear with me.

ok, well lots been happening.. to cut the story short. anna was going to schoolies with rhi and deb, they thought she didnt want to go, they asked her, she said she was till, after the weekend they tell her theyve booked elsewhere coz its too dear and so she has a room to herself. we're thinking either noosa or hervey bay. im going for noosa more. do you know how great that place is?

so, she didnt know if she was going to go, shell spoke to brett last night, he wants to go so now theyre going with annita and im with cole and tiarnnie. im really annoyed and shellby and wade wants me to come and shes only going coz of me or something.. i dunno.. nicole is int he cook islands atm but will be back next week. bonita said they can have tiarnnie and cole and so hopefully i can go with shellby.